Dreadful Deadline Day

Spot on post and same same every year no ambition. Crikey how on earth did they get Holmes and Pearce to sign new contracts and it is not ambition, but their pockets.
Saying this they are extrekely good players.

Albury Addick

I think Karl Robinson is a good manager and I think that he knows how to get us promoted and he knows how to communicate effectively with the fans.

I think that our owner and his ventriloquist’s dummy CEO are not good managers, do not care if we get promoted or not and have absolutely no idea how to communicate with anyone.

Put simply, in the event that Josh Magennis gets injured, our only striker option will  be a loan signing who has scored 5 goals in the last 2 years in the Scottish Leagues. At the same time on deadline day, we have let the experienced League 1 goal scorer , Lee Novak go , the excellent and experienced central midfielder, Andrew Crofts go ,the very promising Regan Charles Cook go plus Brandon Hanlon

I guess the budget is running Charlton and the inability to shift Naby Saar has…

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